Camp Cranium Summer Camp

This is a week long overnight camp experience in Millville, PA. Our Campers are children who have been diagnosed with an Acquired Brain Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury from ages 6-18 years old. Camp Cranium is held at Camp Victory, which is a completely handicap accessible recreational facility. Our children are matched 1:1 with a counselor for the week of camp. They stay in air conditioned cabins with campers and counselors. Every year Camp Cranium plans a week long theme full of fun and activities.  Our children get to experience climbing a rock wall, going down a zip line, swimming in the pool, participating in a dance night, roasting marshmallows by the fire while singing camp songs, fishing in the pond, and paddling in the boats. They also participate in themed based activities. All activities are adaptable to all abilities.

Camp Cranium Teen Adaptive Ski Trip

Camp Cranium added a Teen Adaptive Ski Trip to offered programs in 2018. Our participants are our teen who have attended camp. This Adaptive Ski Trip is a one day event held at Jack Frost Ski Resort. Jack Frostโ€™s Adaptive Ski Program allows all our kids to ski down the mountain. They provide sit skis, balance skis, and many other adaptations to allow all the opportunity to ski the slopes!