Executive Director Message 

In 2023, Camp Cranium turned “Sweet 16”! We held our 16th annual summer camp at Camp Victory, a fantastic medical camp facility in Millville, Pennsylvania in June. We also experienced another year of amazing (re)growth to serve 45 campers, up from 30 in 2022 (following the pandemic). Welcoming new campers to our camp family and seeing our impact grow is exciting!

At our Teen Adaptive Ski Trip in February, we made new memories on the slopes with our 13 unstoppable teen campers. We continue to be grateful for the fabulous Adaptive Ski Team at Jack Frost for their incredible support in making this program a wonderful experience for everyone.  

In between all the excitement, we gave our Camp Cranium website (www.campcranium.org) a refresh, and hope you will stop by and check it out! 

With so much goodness to reflect on from this year, we’re feeling inspired about the future. So what’s next for Camp Cranium? 

We have always had big dreams, and our team is continuing to work hard to accomplish them. Our goal is to continue to support individuals and families impacted by brain injury. We are currently in the process of restructuring Camp Cranium during 2024. Through this process of restructuring we remain focused on our mission, empowering children with brain injuries.

Thank you for making our community of campers, families, volunteers, and camp heroes such a special place. We are where we are today thanks to every single one of you! We love you all “deep down in our hearts”.

Lexi Campbell

Camp Cranium Executive Director