What are Camp Cranium Dates 2024?

Camp Cranium will be taking a pause for the week of summer camp this year in June of 2024. However, stay tuned for other opportunities that will be available to our Camp Families.

What is the general structure of camp

Camp Cranium is a non-profit organization that was established in 2008. The majority of our staff our volunteers and we wouldn’t be able to run camp without their support. 
We provide our campers with a 1:1 camper to staff ratio, 2:1 if needed for additional support. In the cabins, counselors and a cabin leader are always present. Medical professionals including physicians and nurses are present at camp 24/7. Geisinger Medical Center is approximately 20 minutes from camp.  One of our camp doctors, is affiliated with Geisinger Medical Center, and all services are available if needed. 

Typical schedule for Camp

Morning Meds if needed (given by nurses at the medshed)
9:00-12:00 Morning rotations completed for various activities with your age group
Lunch Meds if needed (given by nurses at the medshed)
12:30 Lunch
1:00-2:30 pm Free time/more casual activities provided
2:30-4:00 Swimming
4:00-5:00 Rest and Free time
Dinner meds if needed (given by nurses at the medshed)
5:30 Dinner
7:00 Evening Activity
9:00 Meds and Bed

My child has specific food allergies or sensitivities

We can accommodate different food options, by coordinating with the kitchen and also preparing food that is brought from home. We are unable to accommodate a gluten free or keto diet through the kitchen. However, arrangements can be made with the family for the meals to be sent and stored for the week. We can provide families with a menu prior to camp to match meals or use certain items from the menu for their meals. We have speech and language pathologists who specialize in various diet adaptations, including various food consistencies and modifications during meal times. We ask that you provide as much information as possible on your application and we will reach out to discuss and devise a plan. 

Cost of camp and campership

The cost of camp for families for each camper is $300.00.  We strive to keep the price at a manageable level for all our families and strive to raise money through grant writing and fundraising efforts throughout the year. We also offer “Camperships” to those families who qualify that will cover the entire cost of camp.

Is there transportation to camp for my child?

We provide bus transportation for campers to and from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, free of charge. Bus leaves Monday morning and returns Friday evening. Our nurses ride the bus with the campers both to and from camp.

I’m worried my child with be home sick

Home sickness is a very common feeling for children to have, especially if your child has not been away from home before. We have professional psychologists and others that will support your child throughout the week. 

We work closely with your child to work through these feelings. No phone calls or electronic communication such as facetime is allowed.

Where is camp Located?

We partner with a facility called Camp Victory, located in Millville, PA. 
Camp Victory is a fully accessible facility that partners with many partner groups throughout the summer and fall in order to serve various populations. Their facilities include a rock wall, pool, cabins, adaptive playground, dining hall, and med shed.