The effect Camp Cranium has on children is astounding. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what parents have to say about the positive impact Camp Cranium has on children.

What Camp Cranium Means to My Kids

In late December 2007, my children were injured in a car accident resulting in brain injuries for both of my sons. One recovered quickly while my older son has needed more time. They say that “out of bad things, there always comes good.” In this case, the good is Camp Cranium and its staff. My boys truly put Camp Cranium right up there with Disney! After attending camp last summer, they have continued to talk about it constantly and to everyone. Camp was a turning point for them. They learned that they are like everyone else and sometimes you just need a little more help doing things. It is a week of fun, new friendships and everlasting memories. I can also say I have been humbled by the kindness and sincerity of the volunteers who stay with these kids all week. They put into action what many of us wish could be done but don’t do.

Anyone who knows me knows I can go on and on and on (and on) but I really cannot put in words how wonderful it is for me to see my sons enjoy life despite obstacles. They now know life isn’t about the bad, it is about good people. And they are at Camp Cranium. My family and I are richer for experiencing life through the eyes of special kids with special camp counselors.

I love Camp Cranium,
Margie Morris

Zooming to New Heights

Last year, I was nervous (to say the least) about Carly going to an overnight camp on her own. Camp Cranium, however, far exceeded my expectations. When I picked her up, there was no “hi Mom, I missed you!” but instead, her immediately asking “can I come back next year?” This made me extremely happy. Carly can’t do everything that a typical kid her age can do but, at Camp Cranium, she can!

Amazingly enough, her experience at camp this year was even better. She went all the way to the top of the rock-climbing wall, did the zipline, and even made candy sushi. Camp Cranium has shown Carly that, with the right amount of support, help, and friends, nothing can hold her back. Thank you for helping Carly zoom to new heights!

Monica McHenry

Being a “Regular Kid”

In addition to offering kids a sense of acceptance, fun, independence, and understanding, Camp Cranium, perhaps most importantly, gives these kids the feeling of being “regular kids.” That is the aspect of brain injury that many who have never experienced it don’t understand. Our kids with brain injury have memories of pre-injury lives that are often incredibly different from their post injury existence. Camp Cranium offers the opportunity to do anything the kids want to try whether that is climbing a rock wall, flying down a zipline, or getting a chance to dance with abandon with their peers. For Mary, it also has given her the confidence to know that she can be away from home (aside from a hospital stay) and not only survive, but thrive. With the self consciousness of being “different” gone, fun is always ready and at hand. THAT sense of belonging is something not always available in her everyday world. Camp Cranium has added only positive things to Mary’s life.

Karen Davis Walia